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About investment
Stop for a moment. I have something important to tell you. It is not quite a story about the estate. It is a story about you.

Why about you? Because it all started with you.
The entire estate project has been designed to meet your needs.

Find out if we've made it!

1. You like quiet and peaceful places
We know that you don't want to live in a big, crowded neighbourhood. You don’t like the hustle and bustle of the city and polluted air. That is why we decided that Ostoja Spokoju will be an intimate place where you will not only have a good rest, but most of all will lead the life you want in your heart.

2. People are important to you
We know that for sure. That is why we have planned a space consisting of semi-detached houses. It is perfect for spending time with family and friends. If you are planning to have children or are already a happy parent, you won’t find a better place to raise them.

3. You value nature
For sure! We also love her to death! By using the latest construction technologies, we made sure to create a place that is coherent and harmonious with nature. The estate is surrounded by a beautiful park — if someone wants to live even closer to nature, he would have to live on a tree...

4. You want to be close to everything
But not always. It’s not about living in a remote area. Otherwise, you might as well start browsing the offers for abandoned houses somewhere in the distant Bieszczady. Ostoja Spokoju combines the advantages of suburban tranquillity with the proximity of the centre of Starogard Gdański. It is surrounded by green areas and forests, but also has extensive sports and recreational facilities for kids and adults.

What do you say? Do we know you well?

If Ostoja Spokoju responds to your needs, it means that this is a story about you. If you like quiet and peaceful places in the immediate vicinity of nature, but located close to the centre, this is a story about you. If relationships are important to you, Ostoja Spokoju can be a new chapter in your life.



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rest on a bicycle Ostoja Spokoju
A place where you can spend a nice and peaceful time
Dom Ostoja Spokoju
The place and the location
A place where you will have a good time

Why is it worth choosing Ostoja Spokoju Nature and silence are the main advantages of our investment. Keeping in shape, i.e. practising sports, is also extremely important. In the vicinity of Ostoja Spokoju, there are modern sports facilities, inoculating a monitored playground, outdoor gym, basketball court, volleyball court, football pitch, rubber treadmill, roller track and climbing ropes. Both the sports and leisure areas have numerous benches along the path surrounding the square.

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Closeness to nature
Kocborowski Park at your fingertips
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Quiet location
Enjoy a unique place at the outskirts of Starogard Gdański
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Your own garden
Additional space to relax and play
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Quick access to the city centre
Just a short drive
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No-rent houses, full ownership
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Parking space included in the price of the house
You get a FREE parking space!
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Convenient location

The unique location of the estate combines the advantages of suburban tranquillity with the proximity of the centre of Starogard Gdański.The biggest advantages of this place are green areas and park.
Ostoja Spokoju
point Primary school 3 minutes
point Park 50 m
point MZK stop 500 m
point Pharmacy 500 m
point Grocery store 500 m
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