Purchase process

Purchase process

What is the process of buying a house/apartment in the Ostoja Spokoju estate?


1. We agree on terms

More specifically, the terms of payment and detailed terms of the contract. We are as flexible as possible and do everything to make the terms of the contract as favourable as possible.

2. We sing a reservation contract

At this stage, we charge an advance payment. We determine its amount individually.

3. We provide complete documentation regarding the investment

Now you can start completing the formalities related to the possible financing of the purchase.We also provide free assistance in obtaining financing for the purchase of a house/flat.

4. On request, we postpone the payment date

If you have an apartment or house for sale, we can postpone the payment date for the new property until the old one is sold, setting a specific date for the deferment of payment.

5. We sing a development contract

It is prepared in the form of a notarial deed with the entry of buyer’s claims in the land and mortgage register. You pay half the cost of the development contract. All payments under the development contract are collected on a bank escrow account, therefore the bank also watches over the security of the entire transaction.

6. You get your house/apartment and sign a contract transferring the ownership of the property to the buyer. 

The house/apartment is handed over after the investment is completed. After signing the contract transferring the ownership of the property to the buyer, you are already the happy owner of a new house/apartment. The cost of the notary agreement is borne by the buyer. 

We will support you and you can always rely on us.
We provide help and advice at every stage.


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